Down to earth Viticulture

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The Finca Ambrosia team is committed to producing high-quality, environmentally sustainable wines

We use organic practices in our vineyards to promote healthier soil and vines, and we rely on our creative intuition with the detailed knowledge of our terroir to make wines that are an honest expression of our land. Avoiding synthetic pesticides and herbicides is our way to ensure a more resilient ecosystem, healthier vines, and grapes with more complex and nuanced flavours.

"Finca" derives from the word "Fondus"
which means estate in Latin

All our wines come from our vineyard, producing exclusively Single Estate Wines from Gualtallary

Discover Gualtallary

When we first stumbled across Gualtallary in 2002, we found something extra special and decided to set roots here

We have spent the first decade creating a deep connection with this land and its people. Led by Pedro Parra's inquisitive terroir exploration, we learnt about the magnificent soil diversity of our land. Through experience, observation and attention to detail, we strived to develop and learn while growing grapes for some of the country's top producers, such as Trapiche, Altos Los Hormigas, Viña Cobos, Zorzal and Altar Uco.

In 2011, our excitement at the quality of the fruit led us to the art of making our own wine

Inspired and guided by Daniel Pi, one of Argentina’s most renowned winemakers and led by Matias Macias, our talented winemaker, we embarked on the exciting adventure of making wine. Matias approach is to rely on the excellent balance delivered naturally in our Finca, and to support its harmony through the winemaking process with minimal intervention. A sensible and intuitive approach to picking dates, oak use, and blending is at the core of his innovative and modern approach to Ambrosia’s present style and the main reason for our exciting future.

As we start our third decade, we are proud to have found Finca Ambrosia's own style and quality standards

By relying on detailed observation, endless scientific curiosity and a profound intuition, we aim to make wines that share freshness, elegance and fruit purity as the most genuine expression of Gualtallary's essence. We are thankful for our holistic Finca, where the soil, the natural environment and our team's artisanal work shine through every glass.

Our team

Matias Macias - Winemaker
Matias Macias
Julian Gomez - General Manager
Julian Gomez
General Manager
Daniel Pi - Winemaking Advisor
Daniel Pi
Winemaking Advisor
Florencia Gomez - Marketing Advisor
Florencia Gomez
Marketing Advisor
At the heart of the Uco Valley