Finca Ambrosia makes single-estate wines from Gualtallary that are naturally balanced, fresh and elegant

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01 Grand Cru

Grand Cru, our flagship wine, is a blend of our best plots. Its elegant style reflects our pursuit of excellence

02 Precioso

The Precioso line celebrates the precision, concentration, and intensity of our very premium Micro Terroirs

03 Viña Única

Viña Única was the first wine we ever produced and remains close to our hearts. We strive to reflect our exceptional terroir and our winemaker's creativity each year

04 Luna llena

We pick grapes under the full moon and have a hands-off winemaking approach for Luna Llena. Doing so, we embrace our innate bond with nature and celebrate our land's purest essence

05 Sparkling

This is our creative approach to prove that we can produce terrific sparkling wine from Gualtallary

06 Casa

Our Casa range— unoaked from our organic vineyard in Gualtallary—offers outstanding freshness and drinking at its price point

07 Coleccion

Coleccion is a limited edition of the best barrels selected every year because they represent our innovative approach to winemaking and our constant search for the most unique expression of our Terroir

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UK | Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England
L’Art du Vin

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USA | Colorado
Ruta 40 Ventures

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USA | Florida
Wine World

Miramar Beach, FL

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USA | Kentucky
Republic National

Tarver Distributing Co Inc.

8360 Hiwasee St. Charleston, TN 37310

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Compañía Distribuidora Internacional S.A.

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ARG | Entre Ríos - Santiago del Estero
Gustavo Belini

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ARG | Mendoza
Wine Man

Leandro Martinez

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ARG | Misiones
De Origen Distribuidora

Santa Fe 1436, Posadas

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Great wines come from great places

We produce authentic wines that honestly express the essence of Gualtallary

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